StepliteX ThermoProtec, non-metallic toe cap and midsole (S5), green

Color: green
  • green
  • orange

Size: 5 - 15 Size chart
  • wider fit
  • safety: non-metallic toe cap and midsole (S5): no corrosion
  • excellent grip, even on wet and greasy surfaces - SRC certified
  • thick outsole: high insulation for extra warm feet
  • PVC free
  • RFID incl.
BB_MKT_Icon_Print_Insulating-40°C-40°F StepliteX_ThermoProtec_Safetylevel_NonMetal_S5 Footbed

For the Antarctic season in Port Lockroy 2019/2020 I have worn the green StepliteX ThermoProtec boots. The boots have been sensational! Not a natural on uneven surfaces or snow, footwear was a vital part of a safe and easy existence down south and with the excellent grip technology I have stayed vertical the entire time. My feet have been both warm and dry despite the freezing temperatures and snowy terrain. Overall 10/10.


Lauren E.

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Polyurethane consists of a structure of tiny air bubbles. This makes Bekina Boots light and flexible. NEOTANE boots are 40 % lighter than rubber or PVC boots.



Bekina Boots are SRC-certified. These slip-resistant boots offer excellent grip on slippery surfaces. This is how you can prevent slips and trips.


High slip resistance

Our boots are thermally insulating and keep your feet nice and warm with their self-regulating thermal inner layer.


Thermal insulation

The strong and impenetrable outer layer of our boots provides optimal protection and waterproofing. No more wet feet.



Our boots have a protective layer against dirt and chemicals. They are resistant to chemicals, oils and fats.


Oil and chemical resistance

StepliteX ThermoProtec robust safety wellies for men and women with metal free toecap and safety sole, work wellies for fishing, non-slip, winter wellies, insulating up to - 40 degrees, green

Working in the professional fishing industry means working in extreme conditions. Our StepliteX ThermoProtec fishing boots score high above standard for slip resistance (SRC certified) so you are on solid ground, even on wet and slippery decks. This full safety fishery boot (S5) has a non-metallic protective toe cap and midsole to protect your feet from heavy falling objects and protruding nails, amongst others. The non-metallic safety material prevents corrosion.

StepliteX ThermoProtec keeps you and your crew safe, dry and warm as the boot is thermally insulating down to -40 °C/F. It is ideal for usage in fisheries and your guarantee for comfort and safety at sea.

Also available in orange.

All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high quality polyurethane. As a result our boots are light and strong, have a high thermal insulation value and last a long time.