Construction and Industry Work Boots

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For dirty, heavy, and dangerous work: boots for construction and industry

The work boots from Bekina Boots are especially designed to withstand all the challenges of construction and industry

  • Safety levels S4 (steel toe cap) and S5 (steel toe cap and midsole)
  • High thermal insulation value
  • SRC-certified for better grip on slippery surfaces
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Durable material so you don’t have to replace the work boots as often
  • Easy to clean
Sector Slider Construction - RigliteX SolidGrip
Sector Slider Construction -  StepliteX SolidGrip

First thoughts upon initial wearing boots felt comfortable in just socks. The boots held up against the Canadian cold, my feet never felt freezing. At this time I was front ending full time for ground anchors so I was normally always in water mixed with chemicals and grout. These boots are performing the job perfectly!

Philip M. - Shotcrete worker

Thermolite Iceshield Philip M.

Our Premium Boots

Construction and Industry Work Boots

Do you work in construction and industry? Then you face many dangers and challenges every day. Heavy falling or sharp objects, protruding nails on the ground, strong chemicals … Not to mention the cold outside temperatures that you sometimes spend the whole day in.

All our safety boots are made of NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane. This material makes our work boots for industry super-strong but also light, improving wearability. The safety boots have a steel or composite toe cap and midsole, the thermal insulation value is extra-high, and the boots last three times longer than other work boots, such as PVC or rubber. Pretty important when you spend the whole workday in them.

It is also important that our work boots are SRC-certified and therefore offer better grip, that they keep your feet dry throughout the workday, and that they are easy to clean. The sleek, smooth finish means that dirt cannot creep into the edges. A whole day pouring concrete on a construction site? You can be safe, warm, and comfortable with Bekina Boots.