Farming Boots

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Strong work boots that last, perfect for the farm

Looking for a sturdy pair of work boots for your daily jobs as a farmer? Explore the farming boots from Bekina Boots!

  • Increased comfort with a wider shaft that won’t pinch at the calves
  • Waterproof, perfect for a boggy field or a wet shed
  • Thermally insulating in various models down to -58 °F (-50 °C)
  • SRC-certified for slip resistance so you don’t slip on smooth surfaces
  • Safety level S4 (steel toe cap) or S5 (steel toe cap and midsole)
  • Durable material so you don’t have to replace them as often
  • With kick-off spur for easy removal of the work boots.
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When I started milking I realised I needed to actually support my feet. Walking up and down concrete 8.5 hours a day knackers your feet out if your wellies are not half decent. So if you're struggling with sore feet or leaky sole less wellies. Then please try Bekina Boots and I can honestly say I’d be shocked if you were disappointed!

Kiya C.

Steplitex Solidgrip Testimonial Kiya C

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Farming Boots

As a farmer, you never stand still. On the contrary. That’s why you are looking for work boots that will take you from a boggy field to the cowshed or from farmland to the greenhouse in safety and comfort. Whether you’re in agriculture, horticulture or cattle breeding, a sturdy, waterproof and comfortable pair of work boots is a must on any farm.

Our farming boots are your everyday companions. They are also waterproof and protect your feet from extreme temperatures, heavy objects, and a kick from a cow or horse weighing almost a ton. Because our safety work boots for farms are made of NEOTANE—a high-quality polyurethane—and have a metal or composite toe cap and midsole. This makes them very strong and gives them a high thermal insulation value. Compared with regular rubber or PVC boots, NEOTANE work boots are 40% lighter and last three times longer.